Il Coloré - The Art of Fine Venetian Plaster

Material and application Techniques

Following is a list of different materials and techniques applied by Il Coloré:

Domestic Plaster
Our domestic line of plaster consists of intregral-colored finishes, which can be applied to new or previously painted drywall, plaster, wood or polystyrene foam moldings. Domestic plaster is to be applied to interior surfaces only. The following techniques may be achieved:

Venetian: A beautiful mottled finish showing variations in the plaster which may consist of a high-polished or matted look, depending on desired application of finish.
Encaustic: Enhancing the look and color of the plaster by applying wax to the surface after plaster is dry. The finish may consist of a high-polished or semi-matted look, depending on technique of troweled plaster porosity.
Old World: Textured finishes applied by hand can achieve beautiful variations of cat facing (crevices) in the plastered finish, making a wall look ancient, if desired.
Contemporary: A vast array of colors may be used to achieve the look desired for comtemporary finishes of plaster.

Imported Plaster
Our imported line of plaster consists of natural pigments or synthetic tints to create any color desired. These finishes can be applied to the same materials as domestic plasters, with the addition that some plasters may be applied to the interior or the exterior of the structure, creating different effects and coloring techniques.
Following is a list of imported plasters that Il Coloré is qualified to apply:
Veneziano (interior), Marmorino (interior/exterior), Kolcaustico (interior), Antiqua (interior/exterior), Epoca Spatolato(interior/exterior), Evolution (interior), Grassello (interior), Spatula Stuhhi (interior).
Techniques: Fresco, Motifs, Murals, Reliefs, Gold Leafing, and Textures.

Request an appointment to review these samples and techniques available by Il Coloré, and see for yourself the beauty that these finishes can create for your project!