Il Coloré - The Art of Fine Venetian Plaster

Most Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers

At Il Coloré, we are more than pleased to inform and educate regarding this mysterious and unknown beautiful finish. Many master artisans of Venetian-Style Plastering have taken their secrets of success to their graves. It is our goal to teach as many craftsmen as possible, to help revive this phenomenal finish that has, unfortunately, been lost and replaced by the next available source of finishing a wall surface... Paint.
Following are a few of the most common questions asked about our finishes.

Q: Is it like paint, and will it have to be maintained and replastered in a few years?
A: No. Using pigments to color plaster creates a natural process of crystallization in which the plaster and color become completely integrated. This is how it has such depth and display of color and grows more beautiful with time. The color remains consistent throughout the entire depth of applied plaster.

Q: Is this a new finish?
A: No. Venetian plaster has been done for centuries. In fact, pigments were used to color plaster long before paint was invented. Although technology has created new materials and advanced application techniques, the plaster is still hand applied by skilled craftsmen.

Q: My walls are painted, do I have to tear them down in order to have this finish?
A: No. We apply bonding agents to existing walls or ceilings which allow even old painted walls to receive this elegant finish.

Q: How thick is the plaster finish?
A: Being that this style of plaster is applied as a color coat, the coat is approximately 1/8" thick.

Q: Can the plaster finish be touched-up or patched if it is damaged?
A: Yes and No. This is a tricky question that has multiple answers depending on the chosen finish. All plaster can be patched; however, patching some of our domestic color and textures may show a slight variation in depth and color to the rest of the wall. The result may require the wall to be replastered to achieve proper mottling and color uniformity. On the other hand, other colors and textures patch beautifully. Smooth domestic plaster finishes are the most difficult to blend patches. Although plaster finishes are an extremely durable finish, sometimes a corner can be nicked, but can be touched up.

Our imported plaster can be touched up or patched by professional artisans with great results.

Q: How much does Venetian plaster cost?
A: Domestic finishes start at $5.00 per square foot, imported at $7.00 per square foot and rise according to the desired finish.